What To Keep In Your Diaper Bag

The Importance of Properly Packing Your Babies Diaper Bag

Diaper BagPacking a diaper bag is something that can be very tricky and it typically changes right along with the changes that take place in your everyday life. By simply answering a few basic questions, we can get the job of packing the diaper bag down to an exact science in no time at all.

The Questions

Keeping our diaper bags stocked with useful items is something that can have the ability to make life so much easier in the end. It is important to first ask ourselves a few quick, simple questions. These questions will include: where exactly will you be going, approximately how long are you going to be out, and how prepared do you want to be? It is also important to understand that different aged children will require different items in their diaper bags.

The Most Essential Items

There are a few standard items that can be considered to be fairly universal in the world of diaper bag packing and including these items will make an incredible difference in the long run. These items will include things like: diapers (at least one for each hour out), wipes, a changing pad, extra baby clothes, a baby blanket, bottles, a bib and snacks (depending on your child’s age), and a sippy cup of juice (age appropriate). It is also important to bring along a phone number for your family doctor as well as your child’s health insurance card in case of emergency.

Extra Items

There are a few extra items that can be packed in a diaper bag but these are typically left to mom, or dad, to decide on. These items include things like: a small first aid kit, toys, a camera, diaper rash cream, a breast pad for nursing moms, and a sling or wrap for carrying your baby. Once again, these items are left to the personal preference of mom and dad.

Items for Mom and Dad

There are times when carrying a separate purse (for mom of course) can be quite difficult so including a few mom, or dad, necessities in the diaper bag can be a great idea. Things to consider would be items such as: cell phone, wallet, sun glasses, keys, sun screen, tissue, and any other items that would normally be in your purse. Remembering to bring these items along can be just as important as remembering to bring along your babies items so don’t forget them.

Packing your babies diaper bag properly can be a lifesaver so take the time to think it through before beginning the task and take your time during the packing process as well.


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