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Baby Activity Centers : Best Gift Your Baby Has Received

November 5th, 2013

Should your child have a Baby Activity Center?

Baby Activity Center

Sensory experience is critical for babies. Babies need Visual, kinesthetic, and auditory stimulation. A baby activity center will provide stimulation in all these area. The underlying principle is much like the one that applies to the basic kindergarten curriculum, but on a much simpler scale. There are two primary kinds of baby activity centers: Activity centers with a solid, stationary base, and walk-around models with a stable center pivot.

Central Casting

Stationary baby activity centers are round in shape with a central seat and an attached tray.


A walk-around activity center adds physical activity to your baby’s curriculum. Your child will walk or scoot around a secure base.


Baby Activity Centers : best gift your baby has receivedMost activity centers have a play surface and many have other options, such as interactive toys that engage a youngster and one and encourage motor skills and educational experiences.

For example, such items as a vinyl picture book, colorful beads, blocks, songs, animal sounds, and lights, are attached to the tray of some a baby activity centers.

These objects engage a child, promote a sense of touch, and help develop fine motor skills. In addition, picture books encourage visual skills and promote language development, a variety of textures provides sensory stimuli; colorful beads, plastic blocks, and wooden shapes support logic and pre-mathematical skills.


If you are in the market for a baby activity center, look for these attributes:

  • a strong, durable frame
  • soft, comfortable seat fabric
  • padded seat that can be laundered
  • toys designed for a baby’s hands
  • a center with height adjustment potential

Remember, it is very important to talk to your baby, but chances are, you do not have time to keep up a running dialogue 24/7. A baby play center will keep your child close by, but engaged and happy while you are busy.

Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic stimulation are all very important for babies. A baby activity center provides stimulation in all three areas. Play centers provide little ones with the opportunity to develop and practice early learning skills by way of colors, shapes, and sounds.

You can start using a baby gym mat  as soon as your baby can sit up, usually between 4 and 6 months. Play centers occupy babies and keep them happy when you are busy. Play centers also provide little ones with the opportunity to develop and practice early learning skills by way of colors, shapes, and sounds.