5 Car Seat Mistakes You Must Avoid

New parents take a lot of time picking out items to create a beautiful and baby safe nursery. The same kind of care needs to go into choosing the right car seat for your vehicle. Over 50 percent of parents use a car seat incorrectly. Take the time to learn to use the car seat correctly. Your baby’s safety is at stake. There are five commonly mistakes made when using a car seat that are easily avoided.

Old Seat

Car seats actually have an expiration date. A car seat is only good for a 6 short years. The plastic on the car seat starts to weaken once it passes its expiration date, making the seat unsafe. If using a seat from an older child, make sure that the expiration date has not passed. Buying a car seat from a yard sale or borrowing one from a neighbor is not recommended. You do not know the history of that car seat and it could have been in an accident.

Straps and clips

Parents are afraid of making the straps on the car seat tight for fear that they may hurt the baby. However, it is the opposite that is true. If the straps are not tight enough your little wiggle worm will be able to get free. Also if you are in an accident, the loose straps will not keep your baby from getting whiplash and other injuries that can occur. There is a simple test to check to see if the straps are too loose. Try to pinch the straps at the shoulder location. If you can get the material to fold without applying too much effort, the straps need to be tightened. The location of the clip is important as well. The chest clip needs to be aligned with the baby’s arm pit. The clip could injury the stomach if not properly placed.


It is a natural reaction to bundle your baby on cold wet days. However when placing a baby in a car seat, this is actually a mistake. In an accident, the layers of clothes are compressed by the straps. This will leave room for your baby to be whipped around in an accident.


The baby’s first birthday is usually celebrated by being moved to a forward facing position in a car. This is a mistake. Wait until the baby reaches the maximum weight and height of the car seat.

Getting the Balance Right With a Balance Bike

Balance Bike Does your child want to learn to ride a bike without training wheels? Teaching your child to ride a bike without training wheels is simple as long as you have patience and they are willing to try. Actually, training wheels are not as safe as people may think. They are weakly made and it is much safer if a child can ride without them. Training wheels hinder a child from learning how to do something that can help them develop their balance over all. Most child learn to balance when they walk but child better their balance once they learn to balance a bike while riding it.

First Step in teaching without training wheels

Buy the proper size bike for your child. You will also need to buy helmets and the proper padding to help protect them, because they will fall. After buying the proper stuff you need then you can teach your child how to ride a bike. Make sure your child’s helmet and pads are on them properly and secure.

Teach your child how to ride their bike

Have your child climb on the bike, while you are holding it steady for them. Then, have them to put their feet on the pedals and then they need to start pushing the pedals in order to get the bike moving while you are holding on to the bike running beside them. Once they are moving steady and they are not wobbling then you can let go.

Once they are moving good without wobbling then they should be good to go, however they may crash. They will just need to get up and try again. Remember the saying, practice makes perfect. It will take them a few times to get riding a bike down to a science, but once they learn how they will never forget. Most children who learn to ride a bike has learned something they will keep with them a lifetime.

Benefits of riding a bike

Bike riding can be for the whole family and also could also be a great way of exercise. Getting your child to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels they can go further that they think they can. Some of the best benefits of riding a bike are the exercise you can get. Riding a bike gets your heart pumping which helps you burn calories.

So get out and teach your child how to ride a bike without training wheels and they whole family can have some fun.

Best Baby Walkers to Support Baby’s First Steps

Babies grow up before your eyes. You watch them slowly grow up and love them all the way. Parents who have babies who cannot walk yet may start looking into a baby walker. A baby walker helps a baby be mobile even when the baby’s legs are not strong enough to hold up their body. Buying a baby walker is something every parent should consider.

The Haba Walker Wagon is a product that parents may consider when looking for a baby walker. This particular walker has wooden rims with rubber tires, and the breaks are adjustable. It also has a seat to push around a friend and a storage bin so that the child can take their toys with them. Because of its sturdy construction, it is a great baby walker choice.

Another great choice for a baby walker is the Hape Wonder Walker. This walker has all non-toxic finishes. It also has many movable parts, such as gears and balls, so children can play with it even while they are sitting still. It also includes a place for carrying toys. This makes it a wonderful choice when choosing mobility for your child.

The Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center is the perfect walker for babies who love music. It has an Mp3 hookup for music on the go. The nylon seat is removable so that it can be washed at anytime. This walker also converts into a stationary play center. Another great choice for your mobile baby.

Is your baby independent? If so, the Hape Galloping Zebra is the choice for you. Not only does it have cute zebras on the front, but it provides your child a sturdy base to pull himself or herself up into a standing position. So there is no need for help. The wheels protect all of your floor surfaces so that your child can roam wherever he or she wants. The perfect choice to make your independent baby mobile.

If your child likes sounds and lights the Safety 1st Sounds and Lights Activity Walker is the choice for you. This walker has a washing machine safe seat and removable activity center. The seat can adjust to three different heights so your baby can use it as he or she grows. This is a great choice in mobilizing your baby.

There are many baby walker options out there. Looking into them and making sure they fit your baby’s needs is the most important part.

Creating Play Mat Heaven For Your Baby

Play Mat  For Your Baby

Children need plenty of space and time to play as this develops the brain, social skills, and a feeling that life is fun. However, there are considerations to be taken, especially before a child can walk. A play mat is a great way to safely let a child explore the world, enjoy their toys, and develop their tiny muscles. Here are some things to consider before buying one.

Consider Texture And Material

There are several different materials mats come in. Some mats are thicker and softer so as to be more comfortable and sound absorbent; these mats are often difficult to wash. Some others come with a crinkly texture that while exciting to an infant, this can give grown-ups severe migraines. Some mats have fun patterns and reflective surfaces to stimulate babies during tummy time.

Hygiene And Parent’s Comfort

It’s important to keep in mind cleanliness of the mat. A mat that can be disassembled so that the mat can be washed and the attachable toys cleaned is ideal. It is best to find a balance between safe and convenient. While it is nice to disassemble toys attachments and roll up the mat when guests come over, having a toy that has poorly connected parts that come apart too easily is a danger to babies. Using good judgment and research in regards to safety and finding a toy and mat system that a parent is comfortable with assembling, disassembling, and washing is essential for turning mat time from a dreaded experience to a fun daily activity.

Pick A Pillow, But Not Just Any Pillow

Many baby mats come with a baby sized pillow that either attaches to the system in some secure way, or can simply be moved around. Designed to support the neck and shoulders of the baby during play, this adds to their comfort and helps ensure that they will not roll over and suffocate. The pillow can also be used under the tummy to make it easier for a baby to play with their toys. When choosing a pillow, make sure that the baby isn’t allergic to any of the stuffing materials.


Mothers and fathers on the go don’t always have the option to pack a bulky mat. Luckily, if staying at a friends house or in a hotel, an individual can lay a blanket and some pillows down with some toys for mat time. Be vigilant during this improvised mat time as these materials work in a pinch, but aren’t designed to be baby proof. It is best to supervise the infant to make sure they don’t get caught up in the blanket or change position on the pillow as this can lead to discomfort or suffocation if left uncorrected.

More baby gear: http://www.kattun.net/category/baby-gym

Items New Mothers Should Be Without During Baby’s First Year

Items New Mothers Should Be Without During Baby's First YearThere are several items that all new mothers can really benefit from having before their first child is born. Beds, storage, and plenty of blankets are a given but there are some other items that can be really helpful. One very important item is a cool mist vaporizer. Until babies reach four months of age they cannot be given very many medications. If a baby becomes ill before four months a cool mist vaporizer is usually one of the first items doctors recommend to sooth a sick newborn. In the first year of life there are ten important items that every new mother should have; before the baby is born, if possible.


When it comes to newborns there are three must have items. These are a bed, a storage item, and a car seat. If a woman has these three pieces of furniture ready for when the baby arrives it will make taking the baby back and forth to the doctor safe. It will also ensure that the mother has a place prepared for the baby and the baby’s things. The bed can be a bassinet, cradle, or a crib; a crib is the best option for the entire year. Any storage item will do including a dresser, wardrobe, shelves, or closet. One item that is optional, but is so close to necessary is a baby swing. Most babies are soothed by swinging to sleep. It can be especially helpful for colicky babies.

Medical supplies

Diaper rash cream, extra formula, distilled water, and Tylenol or Motrin are four of the most important medical items to have on hand for newborns. Diaper rash cream helps immediately soothe any irritation or rash; often stopping it before it gets worse. Extra formula comes in handy as well as water for natural emergencies, car problems, or lack of funds. Tylenol or Motrin is very important for fevers that can spike without warning.

Baby supplies and clothing

Babies always need extra changes of clothes but almost equally important is the diaper bag. Another essential item is a diaper changing pad or extra changing blanket so that babies can be changed on a clean surface. It also helps keep friends homes and bathrooms cleaner than laying a baby directly on a bed or counter where germs can be transferred.


Babies come with a lot of needs but it takes very few items to make it through the first year. A few toys, storage items, a place to sleep, food, and love is all that is needed for baby’s first year. Often parents are holding and caring for their child so a lot of furniture or items to entertain them are not necessary.

Baby Activity Centers : Best Gift Your Baby Has Received

Should your child have a Baby Activity Center?

Baby Activity Center

Sensory experience is critical for babies. Babies need Visual, kinesthetic, and auditory stimulation. A baby activity center will provide stimulation in all these area. The underlying principle is much like the one that applies to the basic kindergarten curriculum, but on a much simpler scale. There are two primary kinds of baby activity centers: Activity centers with a solid, stationary base, and walk-around models with a stable center pivot.

Central Casting

Stationary baby activity centers are round in shape with a central seat and an attached tray.


A walk-around activity center adds physical activity to your baby’s curriculum. Your child will walk or scoot around a secure base.


Baby Activity Centers : best gift your baby has receivedMost activity centers have a play surface and many have other options, such as interactive toys that engage a youngster and one and encourage motor skills and educational experiences.

For example, such items as a vinyl picture book, colorful beads, blocks, songs, animal sounds, and lights, are attached to the tray of some a baby activity centers.

These objects engage a child, promote a sense of touch, and help develop fine motor skills. In addition, picture books encourage visual skills and promote language development, a variety of textures provides sensory stimuli; colorful beads, plastic blocks, and wooden shapes support logic and pre-mathematical skills.


If you are in the market for a baby activity center, look for these attributes:

  • a strong, durable frame
  • soft, comfortable seat fabric
  • padded seat that can be laundered
  • toys designed for a baby’s hands
  • a center with height adjustment potential

Remember, it is very important to talk to your baby, but chances are, you do not have time to keep up a running dialogue 24/7. A baby play center will keep your child close by, but engaged and happy while you are busy.

Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic stimulation are all very important for babies. A baby activity center provides stimulation in all three areas. Play centers provide little ones with the opportunity to develop and practice early learning skills by way of colors, shapes, and sounds.

You can start using a baby gym mat  as soon as your baby can sit up, usually between 4 and 6 months. Play centers occupy babies and keep them happy when you are busy. Play centers also provide little ones with the opportunity to develop and practice early learning skills by way of colors, shapes, and sounds.

Simple Tips on Purchasing Baby Clothes

CottonBetween changing lots of diapers and babies spitting up, you want to ensure that you buy clothes that are easy to take on and off. There are several tips that can help you get the perfect clothes for your baby, without costing you a lot. Even though some outfits are super cute, they may not be easy to undo during diaper changings, or may not be comfortable for your baby.

When in Doubt, Choose Cotton

There are several outfits that are made of different materials. Babies, however, may not be able to wear certain outfits because of the material. It may irritate their skin or scratch them. Jeans for babies are not always a comfortable choice either. Babies sleep often and should be comfortable at all times. This is why cotton outfits are perfect for babies. It will keep them snug and still look super cute.

Don’t Go by The Label

Just because an outfit says three months and your baby is three months of age, doesn’t mean it will fit. The size on the label is just a suggestion for the baby’s age. It’s always best to use your best judgement before purchasing. If you are unsure if the outfit will fit, get the next suggested size. It’s better to get the outfit bigger to ensure your baby will get to wear it.

Get a Variety

It’s easy to pick up a pink outfit for a girl and a blue outfit for a boy, but remember there are other options available. Babies look great in any color that is available. Be sure to add a splash of color to their wardrobe. Onesies, which comes in a variety of colors, may become your best friend! They have snaps near the diaper, which make it easy for you to change your baby’s diaper when needed.

Saving Money

Clearance racks are a great way to get babies clothes they will need for the next season. Generally summer clothes will go on the clearance racks after summer has ended. This is the perfect time to pick up some clothes for the following summer at discounted prices. Winter clothes will even go on clearance racks, after winter has ended. All you need to do is figure what age your baby is going to be that following year and buy clothes of that suggested size. Since babies grow at different rates, you could even pick up the next bigger size.

What To Keep In Your Diaper Bag

The Importance of Properly Packing Your Babies Diaper Bag

Diaper BagPacking a diaper bag is something that can be very tricky and it typically changes right along with the changes that take place in your everyday life. By simply answering a few basic questions, we can get the job of packing the diaper bag down to an exact science in no time at all.

The Questions

Keeping our diaper bags stocked with useful items is something that can have the ability to make life so much easier in the end. It is important to first ask ourselves a few quick, simple questions. These questions will include: where exactly will you be going, approximately how long are you going to be out, and how prepared do you want to be? It is also important to understand that different aged children will require different items in their diaper bags.

The Most Essential Items

There are a few standard items that can be considered to be fairly universal in the world of diaper bag packing and including these items will make an incredible difference in the long run. These items will include things like: diapers (at least one for each hour out), wipes, a changing pad, extra baby clothes, a baby blanket, bottles, a bib and snacks (depending on your child’s age), and a sippy cup of juice (age appropriate). It is also important to bring along a phone number for your family doctor as well as your child’s health insurance card in case of emergency.

Extra Items

There are a few extra items that can be packed in a diaper bag but these are typically left to mom, or dad, to decide on. These items include things like: a small first aid kit, toys, a camera, diaper rash cream, a breast pad for nursing moms, and a sling or wrap for carrying your baby. Once again, these items are left to the personal preference of mom and dad.

Items for Mom and Dad

There are times when carrying a separate purse (for mom of course) can be quite difficult so including a few mom, or dad, necessities in the diaper bag can be a great idea. Things to consider would be items such as: cell phone, wallet, sun glasses, keys, sun screen, tissue, and any other items that would normally be in your purse. Remembering to bring these items along can be just as important as remembering to bring along your babies items so don’t forget them.

Packing your babies diaper bag properly can be a lifesaver so take the time to think it through before beginning the task and take your time during the packing process as well.