Breastfeeding: Getting Started

When it comes to the best milk for babies, nothing is better than all natural mothers’ milk. Why? Unlike substitutes like baby formulas made from cow’s milk, human milk has just what babies’ need. Surprisingly, the past few decades of baby formula advertising, many mothers today are unfamiliar with breast feeding. That is why breastfeeding is important. Instinctively, breastfeeding should feel comfortable and natural to both mothers and babies. Although, the first couple week’s mother’s nipples may be sore, but after that, breastfeeding will be an enjoyable time for both babies and their mothers, at least for the next four to six months.

Truly, bottled milk and formulas are not necessary to meet infants’ nutritional needs, at least for the first six months. Unfortunately, hospital staff everywhere recommends bottle feeding when most new mothers express discomfort while breastfeeding. However, to firmly establish a strong mother-child bond, breastfeeding should not be taken lightly and dismissed because of mild discomfort from a suckling new infant.

Starting baby out right breastfeeding

Infants need help to start breastfeeding, and getting them to ‘latch’ on properly to the nipple may take some time, but don’t worry! Suckling a nipple is instinctive to all mammals, human babies included, it just takes a little time, but when the hunger sets in you’ll be surprised how fast a baby will learn to latch on to a nipple to get milk. Most nipple pain new mothers experience is caused by their babies not latching onto the breast properly. A baby properly latch onto the nipple will allow milk to flow easily, when a baby hasn’t made a proper nipple alignment/latch, babies will suck harder in an unconscious effort to draw more milk. This is what young mothers need to understand to start out the right way breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding at the hospital ASAP

As soon as possible, while in the hospital mothers should introduce the breast to their babies. Actually, scientific studies have revealed that infants will seek out their mother’s breast shortly after birth. In this regard, mothers and babies should be together as soon as possible. There really is no scientific reason why they should be separated after birth. Although, it is a common practice in hospitals for the convenience of new mothers who are frustrated and tired by their new baby’s frequent feeding needs. Breastfeeding, when done right, should be comfortable, natural and a heartily enjoyable experience for mother and child.

Artificial nipples should be avoided. Why? Artificial nipples can confuse a baby, and if they are introduced immediately after birth, then they may have difficulty learning to latch properly to the mother’s nipples latter on. Lastly, you should be aware that baby formula companies are very active in marketing their products in maternity wards, although new mothers may receive free samples, they should resist the temptation to bottle feed their children. If mothers want the best nutrients for their babies, then they should breastfeeds as soon as possible.

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