Baby Formula Feeding Tips

Feeding the baby is a way to bond with the baby. The first few months the baby should be breast fed or bottle fed only. Solids are introduced to the baby only later on months. Breast feeding the baby is a wonderful experience for both mom and the baby. Feeding is a source of comfort and food for the baby. Always make sure that you have everything in place before you start feeding your baby a comfortable chair to sit in and an extra pillow while you hold and feed the baby propped on your arms. Feeding the baby by holding in your arms is an enjoyable time to interact with your baby. It is always good to have a cup of water close to the chair where you are feeding your baby in case you might want to get a sip of water. Always sit comfortably while feeding your baby so that you and the baby will be able to relax during feeding.

Feeding tips for your baby: One very important tip to consider while feeding your baby is always holding the baby in your arms while feeding a bottle. Never leave the baby with the bottle lying down. Breastfed babies can be held on your lap while feeding and some like to feed when the baby is lying next to them facing towards you.

Always burp: Breast feed or bottle feed the babies should always be burped after feeding because babies swallow air during feeding and if not burped the babies could become fussy or they might even spit up the milk. It is always advisable to hold the baby against the shoulder or chest and gently pat the baby’s back so that the baby will burp the excess air out and feels more comfortable after feeding.  By regularly checking your baby’s weight at doctor’s check ups will determine if your baby is gaining weight and the food intake is good. If your baby is not putting on any weight then you might have to increase the number of feedings and amount just to make sure she or he is getting enough and growing. As baby grows breastfeeding or bottle might just not be enough for the baby. The best time to start your baby solids is around 4-5 months depending on baby’s doctor’s advice.

Tips feeding baby solids: Each child is different, sometimes baby’s might be allergic to certain foods and it is advisable to start solids to the baby one food at a time for a few days and observe how your baby tolerates the food. It is better to start your baby on fortified cereals first and gradually add fruits, veggie, and meats one food at a time. Always mash the foods well initially, you can serve your baby mashed sweet potato, banana, peach, apple sauce. Avoid feeding baby foods like eggs, Cow’s milk, seafood, nuts, and seeds until the baby turns a year old. Always know when your baby turns away from food after eating enough which means it is time to stop.


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