Answer These Questions And Then Take A Pregnancy Quiz

At some point in time, most women will ask themselves if they are pregnant. If a woman is wondering if she is pregnant, then she can can take a quiz after she answers the following four questions.

1. Have You Had Sex Within The Last 8 Weeks?

Women who have not had intercourse in the last 8 weeks and have had their period are probably not pregnant. Those who have stayed away from intercourse and have not had any sort of sexual contact with men can be assured that they are probably 99% not pregnant. However, if a woman has had sex within the last 8 weeks, and they have missed their period, there is a good chance at them being pregnant. This is especially true if they have had unprotected sex. This is also regardless of whether or not a condom or other form of birth control was used. Women can still become pregnant even if a condom was used and did not break during intercourse.

2. What Kind Of Birth Control Was Being Used?

Women who use birth control have a slim chance of becoming pregnant, but the key is to use birth control when they are supposed to be using it. However, if a woman did not use birth control properly and have missed their period, and have gotten sick on a number of occasions in the morning, then there may very well be a good chance that they could be pregnant. The important thing to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as foolproof birth control. Asides from practicing abstinence, there is always a chance that a woman can become pregnant.

3. Is There Any Vomiting Going On In The Mornings And/Or Sore Breasts?

If the answer to these questions is yes, there is a chance that a woman may be pregnant. Morning sickness is a telltale sign that a woman is pregnant, and if sore breasts is a common feeling, then the chances of them being pregnant are very high. Also, if these two symptoms are accompanied with fatigue, this is also another sign of being pregnant.

4. Has A Pregnancy Test Been Taken?

If a test has been taken, it may reveal that a woman is pregnant, but pregnancy tests are not always accurate. However, many of them are very accurate, but no pregnancy test is 100% accurate. If a test reveals a positive result, then there is a very good chance they are pregnant. With that said, if a woman has answered these questions and she is still left wondering if she is pregnant, then she should take the pregnancy quiz today.

Building a Secure Attachment Bond With Your Baby

You want to bond with your baby as quickly as possible, and you need to use as many techniques as you can. You want to make a connection with your baby that is going to help them to feel safe and comfortable in your home. This connection is going to change the way that you run your house, but you need to make sure that you are consistent in your bonding with baby.


You can nurse your baby to make an instant connection. Your baby is going to recognize you as the person that can nourish them, and you will be able to keep that connection going until the baby is about two. This is a great way for ladies to bond with their babies, and it is very sweet.


You can co-sleep with your baby to help increase the bond. This is something that you can do to help your baby feel safe in the house, and you can get special beds that allow the baby to sleep in your bed safely. This is a great way for your baby to know that you are close by, and you will be able to get a good night’s sleep because baby does not roll out of the bed.


You need to carry your baby as often as possible to give them a sense of connection. Babies like to be picked up, and they like to see the world with you. Your baby is going to feel a sense of connection because they are getting to travel with you because you have to hold them close to your body. You will be able to hand your baby off to other people to let them feel safe, and they will always come back to you because they want you to carry them.

Let Them Roam

Your baby will be able to roam easily when they learn to walk, and you have to let them to handle themselves as they get around. You will see them come back to you, and this is going to help to increase your bond. Let your baby hold your hand, and make sure that your baby feels comfortable to take your hand.

This is something you have to do to make sure your baby feels safe in the world. Bonding with your baby starts as soon as they are born, but it continues even after they learn to walk.

The Best Baby Food Diet – Most Effective Fad Diets

Baby food diet is all about eating baby food in small jars in a bid to control your calorie intake. Is the method helpful or is it just one among the list of ways of weight reduction that offer no real solutions in the long run? Is the method any better than simply being on a diet? We are going to look at some of the facts revolving around this baby food diet and hopefully be able to determine its level of usefulness.


One of the advantages of the baby food diet that you might have heard, is the fact that baby food contains low fats and sugar. The fact that the food is in tiny amounts further helps in reducing the amount of calorie intake. Baby food diet also gives you the opportunity to make your own baby food by cooking and preserving the food in small containers. This will help you save money in the long run.

Is it Safe?

Is the baby diet safe? However much you may want to reduce your calorie intake, there is still a minimum amount of calories that your body requires and that you can’t afford to compromise on. Therefore, baby food diet should be supplemented by at least one balanced adult meal in a day. This will ensure that the body gets the amount of nutrients it requires to function properly. There is also a misconception that all baby foods do not contain additives. This is not always the case as regular brands may still contain colorings and food preservatives.

Take Precautions

It you have already made up your mind to follow the baby food diet, you should keep the following in mind. Always seek to consult a healthcare provider before going on a low calorie diet. You should also read container labels for information on the amount of calories and nutritional content. Always incorporate an adult meal into your baby food diet. This is because eating baby food exclusively, will deny your body some of the required nutrients.

All said and done, it is important to note that the baby food diet cannot serve as a long term solution. Are you going to eat baby food for the rest of your life? Because if you stop, the lost weight will eventually come back and all that will have been for nothing. The ultimate healthy way to lose weight therefore, is by sticking to a manageable diet that will be sustainable in the long run.

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Breastfeeding: Getting Started

When it comes to the best milk for babies, nothing is better than all natural mothers’ milk. Why? Unlike substitutes like baby formulas made from cow’s milk, human milk has just what babies’ need. Surprisingly, the past few decades of baby formula advertising, many mothers today are unfamiliar with breast feeding. That is why breastfeeding is important. Instinctively, breastfeeding should feel comfortable and natural to both mothers and babies. Although, the first couple week’s mother’s nipples may be sore, but after that, breastfeeding will be an enjoyable time for both babies and their mothers, at least for the next four to six months.

Truly, bottled milk and formulas are not necessary to meet infants’ nutritional needs, at least for the first six months. Unfortunately, hospital staff everywhere recommends bottle feeding when most new mothers express discomfort while breastfeeding. However, to firmly establish a strong mother-child bond, breastfeeding should not be taken lightly and dismissed because of mild discomfort from a suckling new infant.

Starting baby out right breastfeeding

Infants need help to start breastfeeding, and getting them to ‘latch’ on properly to the nipple may take some time, but don’t worry! Suckling a nipple is instinctive to all mammals, human babies included, it just takes a little time, but when the hunger sets in you’ll be surprised how fast a baby will learn to latch on to a nipple to get milk. Most nipple pain new mothers experience is caused by their babies not latching onto the breast properly. A baby properly latch onto the nipple will allow milk to flow easily, when a baby hasn’t made a proper nipple alignment/latch, babies will suck harder in an unconscious effort to draw more milk. This is what young mothers need to understand to start out the right way breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding at the hospital ASAP

As soon as possible, while in the hospital mothers should introduce the breast to their babies. Actually, scientific studies have revealed that infants will seek out their mother’s breast shortly after birth. In this regard, mothers and babies should be together as soon as possible. There really is no scientific reason why they should be separated after birth. Although, it is a common practice in hospitals for the convenience of new mothers who are frustrated and tired by their new baby’s frequent feeding needs. Breastfeeding, when done right, should be comfortable, natural and a heartily enjoyable experience for mother and child.

Artificial nipples should be avoided. Why? Artificial nipples can confuse a baby, and if they are introduced immediately after birth, then they may have difficulty learning to latch properly to the mother’s nipples latter on. Lastly, you should be aware that baby formula companies are very active in marketing their products in maternity wards, although new mothers may receive free samples, they should resist the temptation to bottle feed their children. If mothers want the best nutrients for their babies, then they should breastfeeds as soon as possible.

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Tips to Soothe Your Crying Baby

No matter what age or stage your newborn baby is, when it cries it gets on other’s nerves. This is especially true when out in public. There are ways to calm a baby when it’s crying at home, as well as out in public. Here is a list of the top six ways to calm a crying baby.

#1: Millikan Drops

If a baby has gas, they will naturally cry as a reaction to let their parents know. Sometimes patting their back isn’t enough to release these gas bubbles. Therefore, using Millikan drops, an over the counter gas relief remedy for babies, is an option to consider. If you explore this option, however, be sure to read the instructions for how much and how often to administer.

#2: White Noise Machine

White noise has been known to have a calming effect on people of all ages, especially a newborn baby. There are many ways to achieve this goal ranging from using a fan set on low or an actual white noise machine. Many pediatricians will advise against the use of using a fan because it could cause the baby to become chilled or it could dry out their nasal passageways.

#3: Baby Carrier

Some babies feel more comfortable when they are placed in their baby carriers. They will cry less often because they feel more snug, secure, and cuddled. Also, there is less occurrences of gastrula reflux when babies are on their backs and sleeping slightly upward at an angle. It is not a good idea, nor is it safe, however to keep a baby unattended in their baby carrier. If you choose this option, be sure you’re supervising.

#4: Bjorn

This is another way of swaddling a baby while out in public whereby the baby is carried directly against their parent. Some parents carry their baby in their homes using their Bjorn, as well, to provide extra body to body comfort and help their baby feel secure.

#5: Nursery Monitors

Use of nursery monitors prevents parents from rushing into nurseries whenever a baby starts crying. They can monitor whether their baby is just fussy, how long they’re crying, if they’re able to calm themselves, and so on.

#6: The Fussy Baby Book

This is an excellent resource written by Dr. Sears teaching new parents about how to allow babies to calm themselves, be in the area when babies are crying, and prevent over-stimulation.

Preparing for Winter Babies

Winter Babies Taking care of a baby is a full time job. It is easy to over look some small things because of the amount of care and support that a new born needs on a day to day basis. One of these things that is often over looked is preparing a baby for the winter. Sick babies are not something that any mother wants to deal with, and some winter sicknesses can be avoided simply by preparing well for the cold weather. It is important that your house is kept at the right temperature. If your house is too hot a baby is more likely to suffer from sudden infant death syndrome, and if it is too cold a baby may develop other medical problems.

The first thing to do to prepare for your baby for his first winter is to make sure that you have a warm swaddling blanket. Many swaddling blankets are design to keep your baby cool. This is great in the summer months. A thick swaddling blanket would make your baby miserable, unless it is cold outside. These blankets can be purchase, and they can really help keep your baby healthy.

The second thing you want to do to prepare for your babies first winter is make sure you have a good aspirator. If your baby develops a cold, a lets face it he probably will, you will want to be able to clear his nose so that he can breath more clearly. Some aspirators work better than others, so it is important that you have an aspirator that you like before your child gets sick.

The third thing that you want to do is make sure that you are giving your child vitamin D drops. Many breastfeeding mothers who are dedicated to being natural forgo the vitamin D drops that are recommended by pediatricians. This is most likely okay in the summer months, when a baby can get the needed vitamin D from the sun, but in the winter when the baby will be spending most of his time inside it is necessary to use the drops.

A new baby is an exciting thing, but sometimes they can also be overwhelming. Their is a small individual dependent upon you for his welfare. It is your job to ensure that he is safe and comfortable during the winter months. Make sure that you prepare your baby for the colder months of the year.

5 Car Seat Mistakes You Must Avoid

New parents take a lot of time picking out items to create a beautiful and baby safe nursery. The same kind of care needs to go into choosing the right car seat for your vehicle. Over 50 percent of parents use a car seat incorrectly. Take the time to learn to use the car seat correctly. Your baby’s safety is at stake. There are five commonly mistakes made when using a car seat that are easily avoided.

Old Seat

Car seats actually have an expiration date. A car seat is only good for a 6 short years. The plastic on the car seat starts to weaken once it passes its expiration date, making the seat unsafe. If using a seat from an older child, make sure that the expiration date has not passed. Buying a car seat from a yard sale or borrowing one from a neighbor is not recommended. You do not know the history of that car seat and it could have been in an accident.

Straps and clips

Parents are afraid of making the straps on the car seat tight for fear that they may hurt the baby. However, it is the opposite that is true. If the straps are not tight enough your little wiggle worm will be able to get free. Also if you are in an accident, the loose straps will not keep your baby from getting whiplash and other injuries that can occur. There is a simple test to check to see if the straps are too loose. Try to pinch the straps at the shoulder location. If you can get the material to fold without applying too much effort, the straps need to be tightened. The location of the clip is important as well. The chest clip needs to be aligned with the baby’s arm pit. The clip could injury the stomach if not properly placed.


It is a natural reaction to bundle your baby on cold wet days. However when placing a baby in a car seat, this is actually a mistake. In an accident, the layers of clothes are compressed by the straps. This will leave room for your baby to be whipped around in an accident.


The baby’s first birthday is usually celebrated by being moved to a forward facing position in a car. This is a mistake. Wait until the baby reaches the maximum weight and height of the car seat.

Getting the Balance Right With a Balance Bike

Balance Bike Does your child want to learn to ride a bike without training wheels? Teaching your child to ride a bike without training wheels is simple as long as you have patience and they are willing to try. Actually, training wheels are not as safe as people may think. They are weakly made and it is much safer if a child can ride without them. Training wheels hinder a child from learning how to do something that can help them develop their balance over all. Most child learn to balance when they walk but child better their balance once they learn to balance a bike while riding it.

First Step in teaching without training wheels

Buy the proper size bike for your child. You will also need to buy helmets and the proper padding to help protect them, because they will fall. After buying the proper stuff you need then you can teach your child how to ride a bike. Make sure your child’s helmet and pads are on them properly and secure.

Teach your child how to ride their bike

Have your child climb on the bike, while you are holding it steady for them. Then, have them to put their feet on the pedals and then they need to start pushing the pedals in order to get the bike moving while you are holding on to the bike running beside them. Once they are moving steady and they are not wobbling then you can let go.

Once they are moving good without wobbling then they should be good to go, however they may crash. They will just need to get up and try again. Remember the saying, practice makes perfect. It will take them a few times to get riding a bike down to a science, but once they learn how they will never forget. Most children who learn to ride a bike has learned something they will keep with them a lifetime.

Benefits of riding a bike

Bike riding can be for the whole family and also could also be a great way of exercise. Getting your child to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels they can go further that they think they can. Some of the best benefits of riding a bike are the exercise you can get. Riding a bike gets your heart pumping which helps you burn calories.

So get out and teach your child how to ride a bike without training wheels and they whole family can have some fun.

Best Baby Walkers to Support Baby’s First Steps

Babies grow up before your eyes. You watch them slowly grow up and love them all the way. Parents who have babies who cannot walk yet may start looking into a baby walker. A baby walker helps a baby be mobile even when the baby’s legs are not strong enough to hold up their body. Buying a baby walker is something every parent should consider.

The Haba Walker Wagon is a product that parents may consider when looking for a baby walker. This particular walker has wooden rims with rubber tires, and the breaks are adjustable. It also has a seat to push around a friend and a storage bin so that the child can take their toys with them. Because of its sturdy construction, it is a great baby walker choice.

Another great choice for a baby walker is the Hape Wonder Walker. This walker has all non-toxic finishes. It also has many movable parts, such as gears and balls, so children can play with it even while they are sitting still. It also includes a place for carrying toys. This makes it a wonderful choice when choosing mobility for your child.

The Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center is the perfect walker for babies who love music. It has an Mp3 hookup for music on the go. The nylon seat is removable so that it can be washed at anytime. This walker also converts into a stationary play center. Another great choice for your mobile baby.

Is your baby independent? If so, the Hape Galloping Zebra is the choice for you. Not only does it have cute zebras on the front, but it provides your child a sturdy base to pull himself or herself up into a standing position. So there is no need for help. The wheels protect all of your floor surfaces so that your child can roam wherever he or she wants. The perfect choice to make your independent baby mobile.

If your child likes sounds and lights the Safety 1st Sounds and Lights Activity Walker is the choice for you. This walker has a washing machine safe seat and removable activity center. The seat can adjust to three different heights so your baby can use it as he or she grows. This is a great choice in mobilizing your baby.

There are many baby walker options out there. Looking into them and making sure they fit your baby’s needs is the most important part.

Creating Play Mat Heaven For Your Baby

Play Mat  For Your Baby

Children need plenty of space and time to play as this develops the brain, social skills, and a feeling that life is fun. However, there are considerations to be taken, especially before a child can walk. A play mat is a great way to safely let a child explore the world, enjoy their toys, and develop their tiny muscles. Here are some things to consider before buying one.

Consider Texture And Material

There are several different materials mats come in. Some mats are thicker and softer so as to be more comfortable and sound absorbent; these mats are often difficult to wash. Some others come with a crinkly texture that while exciting to an infant, this can give grown-ups severe migraines. Some mats have fun patterns and reflective surfaces to stimulate babies during tummy time.

Hygiene And Parent’s Comfort

It’s important to keep in mind cleanliness of the mat. A mat that can be disassembled so that the mat can be washed and the attachable toys cleaned is ideal. It is best to find a balance between safe and convenient. While it is nice to disassemble toys attachments and roll up the mat when guests come over, having a toy that has poorly connected parts that come apart too easily is a danger to babies. Using good judgment and research in regards to safety and finding a toy and mat system that a parent is comfortable with assembling, disassembling, and washing is essential for turning mat time from a dreaded experience to a fun daily activity.

Pick A Pillow, But Not Just Any Pillow

Many baby mats come with a baby sized pillow that either attaches to the system in some secure way, or can simply be moved around. Designed to support the neck and shoulders of the baby during play, this adds to their comfort and helps ensure that they will not roll over and suffocate. The pillow can also be used under the tummy to make it easier for a baby to play with their toys. When choosing a pillow, make sure that the baby isn’t allergic to any of the stuffing materials.


Mothers and fathers on the go don’t always have the option to pack a bulky mat. Luckily, if staying at a friends house or in a hotel, an individual can lay a blanket and some pillows down with some toys for mat time. Be vigilant during this improvised mat time as these materials work in a pinch, but aren’t designed to be baby proof. It is best to supervise the infant to make sure they don’t get caught up in the blanket or change position on the pillow as this can lead to discomfort or suffocation if left uncorrected.

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